[How to fry crispy meat is crispy and crispy]_How to fry_How to fry

[How to fry crispy meat is crispy and crispy]_How to fry_How to fry

Fried crispy meat is not quite the same as the crispy meat that is usually eaten. It is mainly made of tenderloin and eggs. It has the characteristics of smoothness and refreshing.

The fried crispy meat is basically delicious, but also has the effects of tonic strengthening, nourishing yin, moisturizing, and strengthening skin.

The quality of fried crispy meat is related to the degree of crispiness. This is also the most critical place for cooking fried crispy meat.

So, how can fried meat be crispy and crispy?

Let’s take a look at the method below.

Practice one.

Break the eggs into a bowl and mix well.


The tenderloin should not be washed with water, and put in a tissue or paper towel to absorb the moisture, cut into small strips about the thickness of the index finger, put the salted meat in the cut strips and mix well. Pour the egg juice into the meat and stir.Minute, then add too white powder to make a paste (wrap the meat).


Raise the fritters in the oil pan, first fry the skin with a high fire, then set it to a low fire and fry it into golden, pick it up with a simmer and serve.


Another way to eat: crispy meat that can’t be eaten, frozen, and the next time you eat, cook in cold water (the water will be rotten if you put it in the boiled meat), and then add the Chinese cabbage and simmer it slowly.Season with salt or pepper.

The second method can be sprinkled with salt and pepper or tomato sauce, or processed to place the Northeast dish “braised meat segment” is delicious1, first cut the pork loin into small finger-like strips or small pieces 2, add pepper powder and a small amountOld salted chicken essence with green onion and ginger sauce 3, beat the eggs and add starch into a paste to pour into the prepared meat pieces / 4, marinate for more than half an hour / 5, put the marinated meat pieces after the meat is heated in the pot/ 4, first medium heat and then turn to high fire / 5, if it is a thin strip of meat, it can be cooked out. If it is a piece of meat, turn to medium and low heat and fry for a while. Practice three ingredients to prepare the main ingredient: 500 grams of pork.

Seasoning: Moderate amount of peanut oil, seasoned with salt, 1 piece of ginger, 1 teaspoon of soy sauce, 2 eggs, white pepper instead, 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, 100 grams of corn starch.

Practice step 1.

Peel the pork and cut into thin pieces of meat.


Place the sliced meat in a large bowl, cut in a few slices of ginger, and add an appropriate amount of salt.


Add a little raw soy, if you want to add old soy, just a little, add umami, add a little sugar.


Add some white pepper and marinate for a while.


Break in two more eggs and mix well. Add 100 grams of raw flour (cornstarch).


Putting the meat with chopsticks at the bottom of the bowl will not recover immediately. It may look like there is no batter in some parts of the surface of the meat. It does not matter. After frying in the pan, the surface is evenly battered. When you were mixing before,Remember to mix for a while.


Add an appropriate amount of oil to heat up and take out the meat slices; put them in the pot and fry them in batches.


During the first round of frying, don’t fry too old.


The first round of finished products.


Re-fry into the pot once this time, this time until the surface is golden and crispy.