[How to make crab]_ crab _ how to make _ making method

[How to make crab]_ crab _ how to make _ making method

The deliciousness of crabs has always been unforgettable for many people, but if we want to make delicious crabs, then we need to understand some methods and techniques, and the following will introduce to you the details of steamed crabs and curry crabs.

Crab practice 1: Steamed crabs are best steamed for hairy crabs.

Wash the crabs: Put the crabs in the sink first and soak them in water for a while.

Then use an old toothbrush to brush off the mud on the crab body.

Be careful not to cut off the rope that binds the crabs, don’t let the crabs bite!

Prepare a steamer, boil half a pot of water, put a few dried basil leaves in the water, then put the crabs in a steamer and steam over water.

Steam the crab skin upwards for at least 15 minutes (depending on the size of the crab, you can extend the steaming time).

At the same time, crabs can be made.

Take a piece of fresh ginger, wash it, cut it into filaments, place it in a small bowl, and then pour half a bowl of Zhenjiang balsamic vinegar into the bowl, then add a small spoon of brown sugar, mix well.

If you like hot dipping sauce, you can put the ginger vinegar in the steamer which is steaming crabs, and steam for 3-5 minutes, so that the ginger juice is fully dissolved in the vinegar, and the taste is more fragrant.

After making the dipping sauce, see if the crabs are steamed.

If the crab shell turns red, it’s almost fine.

Steam for another 5 minutes and you can chew on the case.

The second method of crab, the curry crab 1, the meat crab is chopped and cured, chopped into pieces, the crab claws are patted slightly, the bowl is sprinkled, sprinkled with a small amount of dry starch and mixed well, and then fried in a 70% hot panPour out the oil.

2. Stir in a clean pot, add flour and heat, add green and red pepper pieces, onion pieces, ginger slices, green onion segments, Indian curry paste to stir-fry, add crab pieces, cook rice wine, add broth, and use salt, MSG, chicken powder, sugar, seasoning, cover the pot for about 2 minutes, after the crab pieces taste, thin with wet starch hook, and finally pour starch coconut milk, red oil from the pot, serve.

Meat crab and flower crab are moderately priced and the meat is soft and smooth.

The practice of crab three, the main ingredients of spicy crab: meat crab seasoning: onion, salt, sugar, white wine, dried pepper, ginger, cooking wine, vinegar, pepper, chicken essence, cooking oil method: 1.

Put the meat crab in a container and add an appropriate amount of white wine. After the crab is drunk, go to the gills, stomach, and intestines;

Wash the shallots and ginger, cut the shallots into sections, and cut the ginger into pieces; 3.

Add oil to the pan when it is hot. When the oil is 30% hot, add peppercorns and dry peppers to stir up the spicy flavor. Add ginger slices, shallots, crab pieces, pour cooking wine, vinegar, sugar, and salt.

Crab practice 4, ginger onion crab material: 1000 grams of crab, salt 2.

5 grams, MSG 2.

5 grams, pepper 0.

1g, cooking wine 15g, peanut oil 750g, spring onion 2.

5 grams, ground ginger 2.

5 grams, starch 2.

5 grams, balsamic vinegar 2.

5 grams, 25 grams of oyster sauce.

Method: ① Wash the crab and remove the shell, change the knife into pieces; take a bowl of clear soup, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, green onion, ginger, garlic, starch, sesame oil, oyster sauce, prepare the juice for later use; ② put the crabPour into the wok pan and fry it slightly.

Leave the base oil in the pot, add the scallion white segments and add the fragrant, add the crab to cook the wine, cover the pot quickly, pour the adjusted juice, and fold out the pot.